Hawkers are frequent and common in our colony, as in many others. They ply their wares from street to street and colony to colony. They make the life and buying convenient. Through them, market comes to our door-step. They have brisk business and good profit. They are a blessing especially for women, children and old people. They sell different wares like food-items, cosmetics, fruits, vegetables, clothes and dress material etc., at bargain prices. Their goods are cheaper than those sold in the market. But sometimes they supply spurious and sub-standard things. Therefore, one has to be cautious while purchasing articles from street hawkers. Haggling is an essential part of dealing with a hawker. There are some regular and dependable hawkers who come to our locality. We buy fruits, vegetables, snacks etc., from them.

Sometimes we also buy articles from them on credit. They also allow exchange of articles bought from them a day or two earlier but not liked