Street hawkers are as common to a city as cars. You can spot them on roadside, lanes, and even at market places. These hawkers sell eatables, which is greatly loved by poor and rich alike. It is not uncommon to find a person in torn clothes eating with an executive of a multi-national company by his side.

The biggest danger of eating the food that street hawkers sell is in the fact that the constant exposure to the heat and dust of the road makes this food unhygienic. Although, sometimes, this food is far more delicious than what one may get in a well-known restaurant, still one could not ignore the fact that eating roadside food had been a health hazard.

It may even cause food poisoning, leading to death or serious implications for your health. Water and food borne diseases spread as a result of the consumption of uncovered and unhygienic food. Cholera, jaundice, dysentery, stomach ailments are some of the most common diseases.

It is sad that the street hawkers are not provided any space by the government to sell their food. If they had a covered area, where they serve food, cleanliness could be maintained and great number of people could be accommodated provided they vouch for inexpensive and lasty street food.


If they are helped a bit, street hawkers could pose a stiff competition to the best in hotel and catering industry.