175 Words Essay for kids on our school principal


I study in King Peter’s School. Mrs. Anju Khanna is our Principal. She is an M.A., B.Ed. She is a tall lady. She is about forty years old. She always wears a sari. She has a fair colour.

She comes to school daily at right time. She maintains discipline in the school. She wants the school in order. She has a smiling face. She teaches for two periods daily.

She is a good administrator. Sometimes she takes a round of the school she helps the teachers in their work. She guides the students also.


She is regular and punctual. She believes in simple living and high thinking. She addresses the morning assembly daily. Mostly she advises the students at the Prayer time.

She wants the school to be clean and tidy. She inspects the classes daily. She gives importance to games. She takes keen interest in school activities.

She helps the poor students. The school staff is very happy with her. She is popular among the staff and the students. All the students like her.

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