I study in D.A.V. Public Senior Secondary School. It is a double storeyed building. It is situated in Rohini. The ground floor is for junior classes and the first floor is for senior classes. It is one of the best schools in the Rohini.

It is a big school. The building of the school is very beautiful. There are twenty- two class rooms in it. All rooms are airy and big.

There is a big library and a science laboratory in my school. It has many books on different subjects. We daily go to the library and read books. There is also a staff- room, an assembly hall and Principal office.

About seven hundred students read in my school. They do well in the examinations. There are forty teachers in our school. They are highly experienced. They are hard-working. They teach us very sincerely.


Our principal is a nice lady. She likes discipline in the school. She is a guide to students. Our school is famous for good results. I am proud of my school and teachers.