What is the Importance of Consumer Education?


Consumer education helps the consumer in many ways in protecting himself from the malpractices of the seller and in making judi­cious purchases. Let us see what the advantages of consumer education are

1. Consumer education helps a person in making proper purchase. It enables the consumer in making right selection.

2. Consumer education familiarizes the consumer with the problems which he faces while making purchases. This education inculcates the logical viewpoint in him.


3. Consumer education provides the con­sumer full information of marketing con­ditions like various sources of purchasing a particular commodity, from where to get cheap and best goods, the shops providing additional facilities, and to latest products. All these information enables him in taking right decision regarding shopping.

4. Consumer education familiarizes the consumer with various standards of standardization and their markings.

5. One of the most important uses of con­sumer education is that it familiarizes the consumer about the various acts enacted by the Government from time to time. Consumer education helps the consumer in getting maximum satisfaction by proper utilization of his money and leads a better living standard

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