The rights and Duties of a Consumer are as follows:

1. Right to safety.

The consumer can demand a ban on the sale of goods injurious to health like harmful food products, inferior medicines, and electric appliances without safety devices.

2. Right to information.


Consumer can demand any information about the qua­lity, purity, price, weight, etc. of any product.

3. Right to select.

If a product is pro­duced by more than one manufacturer, or some other alternatives are available, then the consumer has a right to inspect the products of various manufacturers so that the consumer may purchase a quality product at appropriate price after making comparative study.

4. Right to be heard.


A consumer has the right to bring to manufacturer or the seller notice if any defect found in the goods purchased by him. In case they do not pay any heed to the consumer’s com­plaint, he can approach the concerned authorities.

5. Right of compensation.

A consumer can demand compensation for the loss he suffered on the purchase of faulty goods or services.

6. Right to consumer education.


A consumer has the right to have knowledge for the proper information and selection of the goods.

7. Right to Information Act 2005.

Government of India has enacted the ‘The Right of Information Act 2005’ for promoting openness, transparency, and accountability in the working of every public authority.