Apart from rights, there are certain duties of a consumer. Consumer should be conscious of his duties. He should make pur­chases judiciously and should not misuse his rights. Following are the duties of consumers:

1. Buying quality products at rea­sonable price.

It is the responsibility of a consumer to buy a product after having a thorough knowledge of its price and quality. He should enquire about the price from 2-3 shops and if possible from government stores to get an idea of its price. He can have the knowledge about the quality from his own experiences, from the experiences of other persons and through the medium of advertisement. Hence it is the duty of the consumer to buy quality product at right price only.

2. To check the weights and meas­ures before making purchases.


Generally, the sellers often cheat consumer by using unfair weights and measures. The consumer should ensure that he is getting the product of right weight and measure. He should check the weights and balance. While buying cloth, ensure that the shopkeeper is not stretching the cloth while measuring. He should not buy a product which has been weighed along with its packing. Therefore the consumer should remain vigilant when the seller is measuring or weighing the product.

3. Reading the label carefully.

It is the duty of the consumer to read the label of the product. It should have complete and true information about the product.

4. Beware of false and attractive advertisements.


Often the product is not that attractive as it is made out in the adver­tisement by the seller. Hence, the duty of consumer is not to be misleading by the attractive advertisements.

5. Beware of misleading schemes.

It is the duty of the consumer to beware of misleading schemes. These days almost every product in the market is available with a gift, discount, or a free product. For example, a free comb with soap, a discount of on the soap or one free soap on buying one. Often a consumer allured by such schemes and buys such products even when it is not needed because he is getting one item free.

The fact is that the seller has already inflated the price of the product and recovered its cost price in the scheme. Hence the consumer should be aware of the fact that he is getting anything free and should not b unwanted things in greed.


6. To procure the bill, cash received warranty, etc.

Often the consumer does ask for a bill or cash receipt in order to avail sales tax. Later on, if the product comes o to be defective, he becomes helpless. Hence is the duty of the consumer to get the cash receipt, and warranty card, etc. so r he may be able to go to the consumer co; for the redressal of his grievances.

7. Buying from reputed shops

It the duty of the consumer to make purchase’ from the reputed shops or government like super bazaar, cooperative stores, etc. Bf making purchases from such shops, the consumer can escape from the malpractir of the manufacturers and shopkeepers.


8. Don’t make purchases from black market.

The consumer should discharge hill duties of responsible citizen. He should not] buy from black market and in excess of his requirements. In case of scarcity, like milk in’ summer, required quantity of the producing should be purchased, so that others may able to get some.

9. To buy standardized product.

Of­ten the consumer buys cheap products which are not durable or are not safe. Therefore, it is the duty of the consumer to by products with standardization marks and is safe in every respect.


10. To use a product as per the in­struction of the manufacturer.

It is the 1 duty of the consumer to use the product as per its instructions, e.g., if a medicine carries instructions-‘Store in cool place-it should be stored in the fridge. This would help in prevention of any damage to the medicine and loss to the consumer.

11. Knowledge of consumer rights,

These days the seller is trying to cheat the consumer in every possible way to earn maxi­mum profits. It is the duty of the consumer to be aware of his rights. If a consumer is cheated by a seller, then he should lodge a complaint rather than to remain a silent spectator.