What are the Objectives of teaching Science at different Levels?


Objectives of teaching Science at Different Levels:

According to all India Seminar on Science Teaching, held at Taradevi, aims and objectives of science Teaching should be:

1. Primary Level:


a. Inculcation of habits of healthful living.

b. Developing neat and orderly habits.

c. Developing the child’s powers of manipulation and the creative and inventive faculties.

d. Developing the habit of observation, exploration, classification and a systematic way of thinking.


e. Arousing and maintaining interest in nature and in the physical and social environment, arousing love for nature and the habit of conserving nature and its resources.

2. Middle school level:

a. Inspiring children by stories about scientists and their discoveries.

b. Developing interest in scientific hobbies.


c. Understanding the impact of science upon out way of life.

d. Developing the ability to reach generalizations and to apply them for solving everyday problems.

e. Acquisition of a fund of information concerning nature and science which may also serve as the basis for a later general Science Course.

3. High and Higher Secondary Level:


a. To give the pupil a historical perspective, so that he may understand the evolution of scientific developments.

b. To acquaint him the scientific method and enable him to develop the scientific attitude. .

c. To familiarize the pupils with the world in which he lives and to make him understand the impact of science on society as to enable him to adjust himself to his environments.

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