4 main objectives of Science Teaching to students


(i) According to one famous educationist, “Science teaching should have two main objectives; (a) to make pupils reason about things they have observed through the process of teaching and (b) to develop their power of balancing and interpreting evidence.

(ii) A modern state requires men and women with scientific training such as doctors, chemists, engineers and the like. These people must start their sciences sooner or later and the sooner, the better. If these schools do not provide science, then many children may never have a chance of fulfilling their objectives of life, even if they like the subject.

(iii) The Governments of modern states make use of science with definite objectives in view. In nearly every country, the departments of agriculture, education, health, police, post and telegraph, railways, surveys employ scientists. So knowledge of science is important to everybody from the beginning.


(iv) Science is a body of knowledge based on experiment, observation and inference, which is judgment based on evidence. Through science teaching, children are required to develop certain scientific ways of thinking as they work. Things do not just happen. They happen because of certain natural causes. So this main objective of science teaching is to keep pupils away from guesses and superstitions.

The objective of science teaching is to make pupils curious about things and to see that they do not get satisfied with vague explanations of things.

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