What are the Objectives of Teaching Physical Science?


Objectives of Teaching Physical Science

In the Dictionary of Education an objective is define as, The end toward which a school sponsored activity is directed. The various subjects taught and the various activities provided in the school are meant for effecting tangible changes in pupil behaviour. Thus, schooling is expected to produce changes in the learner, Education does not mean telling one what one knows not, but making one what one not.

This is ultimate aim of schooling. But a classroom teacher is mainly concerned with teaching one or two subjects to the pupils allotted to him. Though he is aware of the ultimate aim of schooling, he may be at a loss to know how he has to work in order to realize it. In this humble way he has to contribute to the realization of the final goal. Therefore he needs a set of more specific objectives suitable to the subjects and the pupils he is teaching.


1. Specific Objectives:

They suggest specific direction in which topic of science may be steered in a particular time-period. These can be further be divided into the following categories-

a. Creativity, b. Application,

c. Understanding, d. Knowledge.


2. General Objectives:

They suggest general direction in which out science course may be steered. They may be achieved after completing the whole course and not by teaching a science lesson. They are general targets with which we are concerned. They form the basis of the general place of science in a science course for given groups of pupils.

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