The Merits and Demerits of Heuristic Method of Teaching Science are as follows:

Merits of Heuristic Method

Merits accruing from using this method are as follows:

a. Through this method, students become self- reliant, as under it more emphasis is being paid on the individual work, careful observations and independent thinking.


b. Under this method, students have to indulge in the functions of keen observation and proper analysis, as a result of which scientific outlook gets developed among them.

c. Through this method, students become able to solve various kinds of problems on their own, with the help of which they can lead a successful life.

d. As all the students get the opportunity to participate in the learning process, as a result of which they get satisfaction of psychological needs, which makes the knowledge gained through them to be permanent.

e. Teacher keeps a constant check on the students under this method as a result of which students get individual attention from the teacher, which make them more alert and careful.


f. Students accomplish much of the experimentation work in the classrooms as a result of which very little is left which can be given to them in the form of home work. Thus, it can be said that with this method, students feel themselves freed from the burden on heavy loads of homeworks.

Demerits of Heuristic Method

This method has certain limitations, mention of which is as follows:

a. This method cam only be used in case teacher is highly able and qualified.


b. It is not possible to make use of the method when the number of students getting education in the class is large.

c. Students find lot of undue burden on themselves as it is expected from them that they can conduct various experimentation functions on their own.

d. As the sources providing information regarding this method are not sufficient, because of which teachers do not possess the necessary information as how to make use of the method properly, because of which they hesitate to use it.

e. With this method, teachers generally find it difficult to finish all the topics covered under the vast syllabus within proper time.