The Merits and Demerits of Discussion Method of Teaching Science are as follows:

Merits of Discussion Method

This method offers the following merits:

a. As all the students are permitted opportunity to get involved in the learning process, thus they acquire a sense of belongings, by which they get motivated to conduct more serious efforts in gathering information from various sources.


b. All the students try to give more practical and logical reasons for their beliefs and dis-beliefs as a result of which, feeling of healthy competition gets developed in them. Such kind of competitive atmosphere helps in motivating the students to get more and more knowledge from various sources.

c. When the students have to express their views and opinions in front of large number of students, they achieve new levels of self-confidence, which help them in getting success in the future life.

Demerits of Discussion Method

This method has certain limitations, some of which are as follows:


Students can face various kinds of problems in gathering the information relating from various sources if teacher is not alert and does not take heed in executing his responsibilities properly.

As level of mental capabilities of students is found to be different in the same class, as a result of which sometimes it is found that group discussion gets dominated by only some students,-who are more intelligent and possess the confidence to explain their views and ideas.

c. If there is lack of proper supervision on the discussion than situation of undiscipline can be arise in the classroom.