Notes on Synthesis of Individual and Social Aims of Education


It goes without saying that abilities of individuals should be developed to the maximum and adequate freedoms as well as facilities are to be provided by the society for the purpose. It is to be realized that social progress is possible only through the development of individuals.

Education as a powerful instrument of social development cannot be effective unless the development of individuals is achieved. There should not be any conflict between the development of the individual and that of the society.

The concept of State as a glorified individual is quite unacceptable now-a-days. Unrequestioning obedience to the State is no longer supported. The cry of “my country, right or wrong” is not a praise-worthy slogan. The blind glorification of “faherland” or “motherland” is not tenable in this age of international brotherhood. Hence social service and citizenship training should be the desirable aims of education.


Schools should teach all pupils their duties and rights of the citizen so that they should behave properly. Social well-being can be realized through the self- realization of the individuals. Ross has rightly said, ‘Thus individuality is of no values, and personality is a meaningless term apart from the social environment in which they are developed and manifest. Self-realization can be achieved only through social service, and social ideals of real value can come into being only through free individuals who have developed value individuality. The circle cannot be broken.”

Man by nature is not self-sufficing. He is a social creature and must have his fulfilment in the .society. Education must provide necessary freedom and facility for full satisfaction of individual needs. But by that, social welfare should not be sacrificed. Uncontrolled freedom in education will result in undesirable growth of chaos and indiscipline. It is to be accepted that individuals can grow only in a peaceful and disciplined social environment.

In democratic countries like USA, UK, India and France, a desirable balance is struck between the individual aims and social aims of education. Attempts are made to facilitate highest development of the individual’s personality and at the same time to create interest in social living and activities.

Education in democracy also seeks to develop in him the desired qualities of the “good citizen” like sympathy understanding, fellow-feeling and co-operation. It also imparts training in citizenship which satisfies individual needs as well as social requirements.


The conflict between the social and individual interests is solved for mutual benefit of all.The Constitution of India has guaranteed individual freedom as well as social well-being and cohesion. The Sovereign Socialistic and Democratic Republic tries to promote all-round development of individuals and through it, seeks to realize the State welfare.

The Directive Principles of State Policy and the various Acts enacted from time to time are all conducive to both social and individual well-being. A happy synthesis of social as well as individual aims of education is brought about in all the democratic countries of the world.

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