(1) It helps proper understanding. It is easy to understand a Mathematical principle through a number of simple examples.

(2) It is a logical method. So it suits mathematics well.

(3) It gives students opportunity of active participation students in the discovery of formulae.

(4) It is based on actual observation and experimentation


(5) It restricts the tendency to learn things by rote and also reduces home work.

(6) As it clears doubts by observation and helps understanding it suits the child.

This method has certain draw backs. It is limited in range. Inductive reasoning is not absolutely conclusive. Generally three or four cases are picked up to generalize an observation. So this process establishes a certain degree of probability.

Of course, the formulae may be more valid by increasing the number of cases. It is likely to be more laborious and time-consuming. It is also not as useful as some of the unnecessary details and explanation may make teaching dull and boring. Once a formula has been established, time should not be wasted in rediscovering the same again and again.