(1) This method is short and time-saving. The solution of the problems by pre-established formulae takes little time.

(2) It encourages memory as the students have to memories a considerable number of formulae.

(3) This method is advantageous at the “Practice and revision” stage.


(4) It enhances speed and efficiency in solving problems.

(5)This removes the incompleteness and inadequacy of Inductive method.


(1) The beginners find it very difficult to understand an abstract formulae, if they are not acquainted with a number of concrete instances.


(2) This method will demand blind memorization of a large number of formulae. And this will cause an unnecessary and heavy burden on the brain of children.

(3) In this method, memory becomes more important than understanding and intelligence and that is educationally unsound.

(4) Blind cramming leads very often to forgetting the formulae and the children are at a loss to recollect. This ultimately leads to no learning.

(5) This method is not suitable for development of thinking, reasoning and discovery.