Is Formal Education a Sub-system of Social System?


Frankly speaking that educational Institutions impart knowledge of a variety of types and train people in various skills so that they can fill the manifold adult roles in the society, that those institutions are endowed with the responsibility of creating and expanding knowledge and that education contributes towards socialization by providing its clientele with the context and experience of adult roles in a social framework.

Education as an institution is firmly entrenched in the society. The society is considered as a larger system. We can say that the education is the subsystem of the society. Hence, there is a strong dialectical relationship between the society and educational institutions. Educational policy, whenever national or restricted to a single institution, is the outcome of an ongoing database between people who have an interest in securing particular outcome. The education affects other social institutions and other social institutions also affect education.

We can elaborate the relationship between education and society through the following:


The family background of the child decides the type of socialization process that the child is exposed to. When the child comes to school he/she already has been moulded through a process of initial socialization which further influences the changes that take place during the schooling process. After schooling started both the family and the school work on the child with the common objective i.e. socialization hence, family and school both are social institutions. Hence, we can say that the formal education system is a subsystem of the society.

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