What is the Real Defination of Education?


According to Gandhiji, “Education is an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man – body, mind and spirit.”

The word Education is derived from Latin roots as shown below:

1. Education


To train. Act of teaching or training

2. Educere

To lead out, to draw out

3. Educare


To bring up, to raise, to educate

Aurobindo define education as “helping the growing soul to draw out that is in itself.”

Plato said, “Education is the capacity to feel pleasure and pain at the right moment.”

Aristotle defined that, “Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body.”


According to Dewey, “Education is a continuous reconstruction of experience.”

Education is the deliberate and systematic influence extended by the mature person upon the immature through instruction and discipline so that the immature, i.e. the child acquires wisdom to play his role effectively in the society to which he belongs.

As a process Education reflects and maintains a society. It is a social institution which creates a new social being by imparting knowledge, skills, values, norms etc. A person is socialised in the family and family is an enduring association of parents and offspring whose primary functions arc the socialization of the child and the satisfaction of the members.

The process of socialization in an institution takes place consciously and formally by using the facilities specifically provided for the purpose, like schools, colleges etc. It involves deliberate transmission of knowledge, skills and values. According to Dewey and Tufts the family is a social agency for the education and protection of the race.

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