Is Education A sub-system of the Society?


Society generally consists of complicated network of social relationship by which every human being is interconnected with his fellow men. At the same time, every relationship among human beings is not social. In a social system, education as a sub-system fulfills part of the functions of the society viz. getting the young-ones ready for the adult roles that they have to play. Thus, maintaining society over time. Education works in close interrelationship with other sub-systems. i.e., family, economy or state

A society has a certain set of components working towards the goal of managing funds for the welfare of the people in education. Policies of the state influence the functioning of the system of education in any country. Funds provided by the system of economy largely decide the structure and functioning the system of education.

Similarly, the family background of the students of a social school influences the education system. Education system is only system which provides the necessary human resources for the other sub-systems. In this manner we can say that education is a sub-system of society and that it works in close interrelation with other sub-systems of society. .


The interrelated system of social roles and norms organised about the satisfaction of an important social need or function is called a social institute. Institutions may also be defined as established forms of procedure. One of the main aims of the society is to prepare within the children the essential conditions of its existence and perpetuation.

The older generation exercises certain influences on the younger generation which is not yet ready for social life, with the objective of promoting in children the set of physical, intellectual and moral behaviour expected by the society from them as a whole. Frankly speaking, each generation tries to pass on its social heritage and cultural tradition to the next generation. This process of transformation is called the transmission of culture

Socialization is a process which starts from the early years of the child where he/she is within the family environment. It is before we start our schooling. Social values and norms are generated by this section of age. If we observe the behaviour of the family members and he reward goes to the education.

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