Adjustment-Educational Implications:

The implications of adjustment are analyzed and discussed as follows. Our role is to do as under:

1. To identity problem and maladjusted children:

Children with personal inadequacies and who are maladjusted in the school environment should be identified or recognized. The problem children require special attention.

Students who suffer from physical disability should be asked to sit in the front row so that they are under direct observations of teacher. It would enable the teacher to understand them and solve their problems.


2. To reinforce the isolated:

Special care should be given to students who isolate themselves from others. School activities should be designed in such a way that every student receives due attention from the teacher.

3. To reform the inferior:

We should identify those students who are poor in specific subjects like math and science and diagnose their specific problems.


4. To transform aggression:

The aggressive and hostile feeling of maladjusted Students should be converted to athletic contest, painting, dramatize and stage plays.

5. To encourage healthy development of self:

If we as a teacher possess values like honesty, truthfulness, sincerity and perseverance the student will | develop same sentiment towards us and admire us. By immolating the personality of such teachers, they develop master sentiment in themselves.


6. To train in will power:

The generation gap between parents and children creates conflicts in the family. Adolescents often experience conflicts, dilemmas, whether in observing the traditional familial values or in adhering to new emerging values.

In such a situation, we can adopt certain new approaches to develop value judgement amongst students. The approaches like value analysis value, discussion and jurisprudential inquiry will develop will power, reasoning, ability and rational judgment amongst students.

7. To refurbish the skills of counseling:


A teacher should motivate to acquire extra knowledge about counseling and refurbishing it. The National Justice of Mental Health and Neuron-sciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore has been actively engaged in orienting and organizing counseling programmes for the benefit of school teachers.

8. To refer to counselors:

Teachers may refer the problem children to professional counselors. The trained counselors may diagnose the case and provide appropriate guidance and counseling to students.