What is the Role of Teachers in School Effectiveness?


According to the report of the Education Commission 1964-1966, “Of all the different factors which influence the quality of education and its contribution to national development, the quality, competence and character of teachers are undoubtedly the most significant. Nothing is more important than securing a sufficient supply of high quality recruits to the teaching profession, providing them with the best possible preparation and creating satisfactory conditions of work in which they can be fully effective.”

As a soul of school, the teacher is a friend, guide and supporter of the student who suggests and inspires, gets lessons learnt, not by force but by creating interest among students and motivating them to learning. A teacher must adopt the profession of teaching with dedication and spirit of service. The success of student gives a pleasure to the teacher.

Being a dynamic leader in the classroom a teacher has to motivate pupils for better learning. As a teacher he/she must help students to develop right attitude towards work. He/she must become an example of goodness among the students.


A teacher can role the following:

(i) As a Manager:

A teacher has to plan and prepare curriculum, time table, audio-visual aids and other activities which have to be carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. He has to manage time and available resources. The plans include curricular, co-curricular activities, instructional work, library work of pupils, ensuring regular attendance and work. He maintains discipline and keeps records of day- to-day academic work, participation in activities, fees paid etc. He has to evaluate academic work, participation in activities, and achievement of pupils time to time, diagnose their weakness and finds out strengtiis.

(ii) Norm Builder:


A teacher has to set examples before the students by setting up certain norms and put them into practice by following them.

(iii) Facilitator:

A teacher does not resort to spoon feeding’ pupils or imposes on students. He helps and guides students in carrying out their tasks by showing the right method of doing that. He provides students with objects of interest suited to various abilities of students and helps them to organize themselves.

(iv) Initiator:


A teacher takes a lead in taking up various academic and curricular activities and then helps students to carry them out. He has to develop new teaching methods and gives scope to students to work on their own and thus learn by doing.

(v) Guru and Guide:

Teacher acts as Guru and guide to students. He leads them along and helps them to find out the best way of learning being an educator he only helps pupils to learn and acquire knowledge on their own.

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