In this childhood stage a boy/girl gets gradually exposure to his/her peer groups, school environment and society as a whole. Where he/she finds difficulty in adjustment. Teachers and parents are to be affectionate to take immediate and appropriate steps to save the child from emotional complicacies.

There must be welcome ceremony at the beginning of the school session to introduce newcomers with senior students, teachers and physical facilities available there in.

Teachers should make students familiar among the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school. Game and sports are to be organized and picnic, study tour and field trips are arranged to develop healthy habits and pacify emotional problems.

Fear, Jealousy, Anger can be overcome through the organization and participation in curricular and co-curricular activities. School authority should be careful at the time of curriculum design to give due weight age to different aspects of curriculum.


Methods and techniques of teaching like story telling, narration-cum-discussion etc. should be used to make teaching-learning situation joyful and democratic. Child’s hobby is to be carefully regarded and dealt with as this bears the emotional manifestation. Guidance and counseling services should be made available to all students to ensure sound emotion and sound personality.