Intensive Farming

(i) Land is cultivated intensively season after season and year after year by better agricultural methods and manpower.

(ii) It is carried on in densely popu­lated areas and the population pressure is high.

(iii) Land holdings are smaller.


(iv) Yield per person is less but per hectare it is more, e.g., Japan, India, and U.K.

Extensive Farming

(i) Farming practice involving greater use of machinery. It is highly mechanized and the pro­duce is increased by bringing more and more land under cul­tivation.

(ii) It is practiced in moderately populated areas. The popula­tion pressure is less.


(iii) Farms are large.

(iv) Yield per person is more but per hectare it is less, e.g., USA, Canada, Australia.