Short Biography of legendary cricketer – Ravi Shasta


A fine all-rounder, Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri was born or May 27, 1962 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Ravi Shastri was one of the members of the 1983 World Cup winning team. He rendered yeoman service to Indian cricket in many ways. In the Indian team he acted as an opener as well as a middle order batsman, as a left arm spinner as well as the Vice-Captain of India.

He made his Test debut against New Zealand at Wellington in the 1980-81 series. It will not be fair to say that he was a class player but he matched the quality of top players by his sincere hardwork.

His commitment to the team’s cause and his consistency has to be admired. His best performance was seen in the World Championship of Cricket in Australia in 1985. His all-round performance made him the Champion of Champions.


He has a rare distinction of hitting six sixes in an over in a Ranji Trophy match in 1985. After announcing his retirement he has become a successful T. V commentator.

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