Short Biography of legendary cricketer – Mohammad Azharuddin


Mohammad Azharuddin, India’s best former captain, is one of the most natural and gifted cricketers of the current era. He was born on February 8, 1963, in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Azharuddin made his Test debut against England in the 1984-85 series at Kolkata. He entered into the world of cricket with a spectacular world record of three consecutive centuries in as many Test matches.

His consistent performance in Tests as well as One-Dayers put him in the line of most reliable middle-order players of his time. This also reflects from his overall performances.


In 99 Tests, he scored 6215 runs including 22 centuries. Similarly, in 334 One-Dayers he has scored 9378 runs, second highest in the world, with a healthy average of 36.92 and a strike rate of 73.99.

During his captaincy India never lost a Test series at home. Due to the disappointing performance of the team in the 1999 World Cup he was relieved from captaincy and the Indian team.

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