Mechanization has become an important part of modern office administrative process.

It offers many advantages, chief of which are as follows:

1. It is an accepted fact that the office work performed through labour-saving devices is done at a greater speed than the same work done by clerks.

2. It is also seen that not only speedy work is possible, but also greater accuracy with more economy.


3. The initial cost to introduce machines may be high. But in the long run the machine work will prove to be cheaper.

4. Standardization, simplification and uniformity of work can be maintained.

5. The machine information is clear, complete, concise and correct. Mechanization ensures accuracy of work.

6. Only few persons are required, if the office is mechanized; hence the labour cost is reduced and space is also saved.


7. When the office is mechanized, a greater amount of overtime is also reduced.

8. When the office expenses are reduced, the amount thus saved can be utilized for greater production.

9. From the management point of view, greater control is possible and much more information is available.

10. By dealing with the customers correctly and punctually, the firm earns their goodwill.


11. To a certain extent, fraud can be reduced.

12. Mechanization reduces the monotony of carrying out repetitive process which are boring and time consuming.