The office machines have become indispensable for the speedy, accurate and efficient performance of office operations. They affect great saving in cost of office management by increasing the output of work and reducing the requirement of staff. There are a large number of machines and appliances which may be used for different operations in the office.

Office equipments and machines have become an integral part of a modem office. “While the human material can be described as brain behind all office activity, adequate and proper equipment and machines are the tools with which office work is carried out.

Office mechanization refers to a process whereby office machines and equipments are introduced in the office with a view to aid administrative process. Office mechanization may take over some of the functions performed by office staff.

Modern offices prefer mechanization to improve performance to achieve saving in time and clerical cost, to ensure accuracy and to provide a safeguard against fraud, Work done by machines is neat and clean and results are quickly obtained. The machines are not installed merely to tackle the volume of work but also to bring distinctive improvement in results.


Since machines can operate more quickly and accurately than human brain, use of office machines increases the output of work and at the same time ensures efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, machines also help the management in keeping the employees happy and contented by relieving them of the pressure and monotony of work.

In the modern age, an increased use of machinery can be seen in every business concern. The current century is a period of mechanization. If there is a factory, there must be an office. In the factory manual labour is done and in the office mental labour is done. In factory machines have substituted manual labour, because of many advantages.

In the same way, in office also, machines are of very great importance. In office, when doing a job again and again clerks feel monotonous. They also tend to commit errors. The machines are not so liable to errors. Labour-saving devices are substituted for manual labour. In almost all the concerns, some kind of labour-saving method is used.

About half a century ago, all the letters were hand-written. All the calculation work was done by human beings. But now that stage has gone. More and more easy and speedy time-saving machines have been invented.