What are the Achievements of U.N.O ?


Despite the disappointments still the U.N.O. embodies man’s best hopes and since its birth could look back to substantial record of achievements.

It was with the conciliation and mediation of U.N.O. that Indonesia got freedom from Netherlands.

The efforts made by the U.N.O. ended the fighting between Arab states and newly proclaimed state of Israel. Again in the case of Suez canal war U.N.O. ‘s conciliation resulted in the withdrawal of British and French forces from the Suez area.


United Nation’s mediation also halted fighting in Kashmir and the Korean war and is doing useful work to solve the Laos problem.

It has established a law commission for codification of International Law. It has granted independence to many trust territories. Recently it has passed a resolution condemning colonialism.

The U.N.O. has also creditable achievements in securing international co-operation in social and economic fields. Its various agencies like U.N.E.S.C.O., .W.H.O., I.L.O. and I.M.F., etc. have rendered yeomen’s service solving some urgent social and economic problems particularly in undeveloped countries.

It is the ultimate hope of mankind and provides the only forum where international matter can be discussed. Let us hope the U.N.O. is able to pave way for the World Federation ultimately.


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