Aims and Achievements of the First and Second Communist International were as follows:

First Communist International – Aims

(i) The working classes must win their freedom from capitalist bondage, by fermenting revolution and ensuring its success.

(ii) Inequalities among people should be ended and a classless society estab­lished.


(iii) The appeal of Socialism must be made international.


(i) It influenced greatly the workers’ movements in Europe and North America.

(ii) It created international solidarity for socialist ideology by arranging aid from workers of many countries in support of workers demands in any one country.


(iii) It led to the first workers revolution in history (The Paris Commune), based on a system of elections, with the aim of ending exploitation of the proletariat (working classes).

Second Communist International – Aims

(i) To unite socialist political parties of the world into an international orga­nization.



(i) 1st May was to be celebrated as Workers’ Day or Labour Day.

(ii) Working hours were to be limited to 8 hours a day.

(iii) Strength of Socialist Parties and Trade Unions increased.

(iv) It tried to end Militarism and war, colonialism, and promote equality, freedom of the individual and national independence.