What are Technology Missions?


The “Technology Mission” are the brain child of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. The mission was started as an offshoot of the Seventh Plan in the fields of literacy, immunization, oilseeds, drinking water, dairy products and telecommunication. The objectives of the mission are:-

(i) Make substantial improvement in the functional literacy of the population.

(ii) Immunize all infants against six diseases and women against tetanus.


(iii) Cut down imports of edible oil.

(iv) Improve the availability and quality of drinking water in rural areas.

(v) Improve milk production and rural employment,

(vi) Extend and improve the telecommunication network especially in rural areas. Thus, the National Technology Missions focused on the key human needs. The advantage of working through the missions is that, they break up the process of change and delivery into manageable tasks in the form of a package programme with the aim of country.


The special objective of this mission level is also to improve the motivational of the people. The mission implementation takes place with the coordination of the center, the states, and the voluntary organization funded through the Planning Commission.

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