How could information technology help in rural poverty alleviation?


ICTs or Information and Communication Technologies as solutions for rural poverty can work wonders in country, provided it establishes itself fully in the social structure. Since in rural context ICTs provide very little employment and thus little- direct income benefits.

They need to be evaluated mainly in terms of their effect on productivity in other sectors like agriculture and other rural economic activities, along with communities securing adequate property rights and finance (including micro-credit) etc. Information about market conditions for crops helps price realization at the village legal. Villagers can use telephone and internet to check on prices in various markets around them and decide on where to sell their product and on which day.

For example, has improved price realization at the producer level. An NGO in Pondicherry, Food has made possible tele-marketing by village producers leading to higher price-realization. Similarly in Thailand the Lau peoples’ struggle against eviction used the internet to put forward their case and mobilize wider support. Thus, the ease and speed of communication made possible by ICTs have helped the formation of worldwide groups of who hold similar positions, whether it is on opposition to large dams of securing the rights of forest dwellers.

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