5 self-tested methods for selecting your Kitchen Equipments


The term ‘equipment is used for those appliances, used as a tool for doing Hi better and easier. At home, equipment refers to all those appliances which enable home maker to save both time and energy. They not only simplify the routine work household, but improve the quality of the work. More work could be done at the same time and dependence of the housewife on domestic help can be reduced.

Use of new, sophisticated home appliances has become one of the significant developments of modern mechanized homes, of this country. So the homemaker must to use and manage these resources in such a manner that will yield maximum satisfaction for her and her family. Efficient use of equipment includes the correct selection, arrangement, operation and care of appliances. Any piece of equipment, from a spoon to a cooking is designed to do one or more particular job.

Selection of Kitchen Equipments


The selection procedure of any sort of equipments involves the following factors to be borne in the mind:

1. Usefulness of the equipment:

Before the purchase of any equipment usefulness has to be compared with the money to be spent. Is it worthful to spend the money?

2. Market Survey:


Today, the technical explosion has brought about a wide range of household articles to the market. So, after deciding to buy equipment, it is make a market survey of it. This will help in giving an idea of the makes and m the given piece of equipment available and comparing cost, checking actual performance against claims made in the advertisement. Also, knowledge about its servicing f and replacement of spare parts can be obtained.

3. The cost of the equipment should be critically considered:

The cost not, refer to the money paid at the time of purchase alone, but the total amount of to be spent in the operation, (specially the electrical appliances), maintenance, se etc. to be calculated. Finally, one must find out, which parts, if any, needs regular and frequent replacement and how much that will cost. So the cost estimate of all such should be calculated.

4. The Quality of the product should be emphasized more:


It is better to a little more and duy a good quality and well known brand, than buy a cheaper article and face the trouble of frequent repairs and suffer monetary loss. So, the quality of the need to be carefully looked into, which includes the quality of the material, used construction, finish and durability. Will any part of the equipment break, rust or damage easily? Can it be operated with ease?

5. The guarantee conditions should be properly studied:

The guaranty of the equipment should be carefully studied. Before taking delivery of the pr should be thoroughly checked before the salesman against any defect. If there doubt about the operation and maintenance, it should be asked to the dealer immediately.

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