10 important Advantages of Training


E.W. Railley gives the following advantages of training:-

1. Increased executive management skills.

2. Development in each executive of a broad background and appreciation of the company’s overall operations and objectives.


3. Greater delegation of authority because executives down the like are better qualified and better able to assure increased responsibilities.

4. Creation of a reserve of qualified personnel to replace present incumanets and staff new positions.

5. Improved selection for promotion. .

6. Minimum delay in staffing new positions and minimum a distribution of operations during replacement in incumbents.


7. Provision for the best combination of youth, vigour and experience in top management and increased span of productive life in high level position.

8. Improved executive morale.

9. Attractive t6 the company of ambitious men who wish to move ahead as rapidly as their abilities permit.

10. Increased effectiveness and reduced costs, resulting in greater assurance of continued profitability.

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