Computer a Medium of Mass-Communication



Pakistan was introduced to this technology in 1960’s, when university of engineering and technology Lahore had a computer in their lab which was huge enough to cover a complete room.

In present computer technology has developed so much that it is being used for millions of purposes. Libraries are using computers to store their data and even books in this technology.


It is being used in wars too for quite a time now. In 1990-91 first Gulf war, U.S bombed Iraq using computer technology which was controlled through satellite. Similarly USA also used this technology in its war against Afghanistan.

Technology has changed human life. One school of thought says that computer and other modern technologies have benefited humanity but the other school of thought is that man has become subservient of technology which is bringing more disadvantages than benefits. if man had kept technology under its control rather than becoming subservient to it than it could have been taken as a blessing, but in the present circumstances it is getting dangerous day by day.

Among various uses of computers one important use its role in providing easy access to information and education and entertainment. Now via internet (a network of computer networks which operates world-wide using a common set of communication protocols).

One can get information on any topic regarding any subject. Online universities degrees and books are a great source of education and information particularly for those who cannot adopt conventional methods and means to reach to them. Online advertising and shopping has also opened avenue for business. For online advertising you don’t even need to have a long staff and a big office. You can do this business with a very small investment and set up just because of this great technology.


Regarding journalism and mass communication computer is playing a very big role. In Pakistan and all over the world almost all newspapers and magazines have their websites where one can need their news, column and editorial etc. now you don’t have to buy a newspaper and you can get information not just from your national but also from international newspapers.

In this online journalism some news paper and magazines are available on their websites, similarly Broadcasting services also give their news in their websites, where you can also listen to their bulletin and broadcast.

Different television channels have also made their websites. They provide information regarding their programs schedules and at some websites you can also subscribe to watch TV online. Technology has really gone far ahead.

Communication has various types and forms. Two important among them are one-one i.e. International communication and the other one is Mass communication.


Computer does not fall in one category as a medium of communication, you can chat on it with various people at a time and now even voice chat and cameras are also available which makes your chat almost like face to face communication, then you can read newspapers and other informative websites which are available to millions of people at the same time, this quality makes it a mass medium.

A computer remains your personal until and unless your work on it benefits you alone but when you put something on it in the form of a blog or a website which is accessible to anyone who wants then it becomes a Mass medium of Communication.


Tuba Siddiqui


Email: tuba [email protected]

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