Mirabai was one of the greatest saints of sixteenth century India


Mirabai was one of the greatest saints of sixteenth century India. She was the only child of Ratna Singh Rathor of Merta. She was I born at the village of Kudvi in Merta district in or about A.D. 1498 and was married to Rana Sanga’s eldest son and heir-apparent Bhoraj in 1516.

She was highly religious from her childhood, and like her father and grandfather, was a follower of the Krishna cult of Vaishnavism, after her husband’s death she devoted herself entirely too religious pursuits. Her fame as a sincere devotee of Krishna and a patron of men of religion spread far and wide and drew hermits of both sexes from distant places to Chittor.

Owing to the strained relations with the rulers of Mewar, she went to reside with her uncle Biram Deva who was the Chief of Merta. And there too she continued her daily routine. She remained engrossed in spiritual meditation and in religious music and dance. She also continued having kirtan in the company of other religious men and women.


In this way she spend years at Merta; but when that city was invaded and captured by Mai deva of Jodhpur; she decided to undertake pilgrimage to Dwarka. There she lived the life of a dovotee and died in 1546.

Mira is said to have composed numerous poems all of them being devotional songs. Her lyrics, however, are her chief title to fame. They are written in Brijbhasha and partly in Rajasthani, and some of her verses are in Gujarati.

These lyrics are saturated with superabundant feeling of love and devotion and are so melodious that they instantaneously arouse the tenderest human feelings and pangs of love and devotion.

Mira addressed her lyrics to Krishna whose presence she felt in every act of her daily life. The lyrics are full of passion and spiritual estasy.

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