Write a letter to the Regional Transport Officer, Delhi complaining against a scooter driver for charging fare in excess


31 A, Kamla Nagar,


18th May, 2…..


The Regional Transport Officer Delhi

Dear Sir,

With due respect I want to draw your kind attention against a scooter driver for overcharging fare from my house to Bara Tooti. The Scooter rickshaw No. is DLR 8480.

It was eight in the morning and I took the scooter from Kamla Nagar. When I reached Bara Tooti the reading in the meter was Rs.7.80.


He demanded Rs. 35/- for the fare which was more than the conversion rates. I requested him to show me the chart to which he refused and he started using obscene language. To save my skin I paid him Rs. 35.

I, write this letter to request you to take necessary action against him.

Thanking you

Yours truly,


Anand Prakash

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