How to prevent and control Noise pollution?


Loud noise is the form of pollution which often causes much public concern. Therefore, necessary steps have to be taken to control the nuisance. Some of these are:

1. Reduction of noise at the source of its origin:

Often a little precaution can reduce much of the nuisance caused by loud noise. This can achieve by replacement of noisy rattling devices or machines with quieter ones. Noise level can be reduced effectively by replacement of noisy and rattling parts, providing better cushioning ©”check the vibrations, proper oiling and greasing to ensure smooth running and using effective silencers etc.


2. Application of sound proofing techniques to muffle down loud noises:

Sound waves are absorbed by porous material such as perforated sheets and other objects. Just as putting cotton plugs in the ears reduces noise level for the individual concerned, sound barriers placed around the source of origin of loud noises drastically reduce the intensity of sound on the other side of the obstacle. For example, little of loud noise prodded in picture halls and auditoria escape out because of effective sound proofing and acoustic techniques are applied for the purpose. The same can be done for industrial units also.

3. Keeping residential localities free of noisy industries, busy highways, aerodromes etc.:

Residential localities should be established away from noisy industries, busy highways, aerodromes or else these noisy establishments should be developed away from quiet residential areas. Industrial units can be displaced to some industrial area whereas by-passes may be developed to divert busy railway tracks and highways away tram domestic establishments. Only that part of traffic should be allowed to get into a residential area which is barely necessary. This shall curb much of the nuisance caused by noise pollution.


4. Enactment of strict legislation and its effective compliance:

In most of the countries, including our own, legal framework against noise pollution has been developed. However, in most of the cases little efforts are made to enforce these rules and regulations effectively. If we ensure only effective compliance of these rules much of the nuisance of noise pollution shall automatically be curtailed.

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