How to control noise pollution?


Noise pollution can be controlled by designing, fabricating and using quieter machines to replace noise levels. Such control measures are mentioned as follows:

(I) Reduction of noise at the source of origin:

Noise at source can be minimised by proper lubrication and better maintenance of machines.


(II) Application of sound proofing techniques:

Noise producing parts may be covered by suitable insulating materials or operating in sound proof chambers. Sound waves are absorbed by porous materials such as perforated sheet. Putting the cotton plug in the ears reduces noise levels.

(III) Keeping residential localities away from noisy places:

Residential localities should be established away from noisy industries, busy highways, aerodromes etc. Industrial unit should be displaced and bypass may be developed to divert busy railway tracks and highways from domestic establishments.


(IV) To create vegetative cover:

Plants absorb and dissipate sound energy. Thus plants acts as a buffer zone. Accordingly trees should be planted along streets, highways and other places.

(V) Entactment of strict legislation:

Adequate restrictions must be put on the unnecessary use of horns of vehicles, playing without silencers. There is motor vehicles act which provides restrictions on vehicles for using double sirens passing through busy locations.


Indian penal code has some provisions which can be used for this purpose. Noise restriction has been included under Air Pollution Control Act.

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