How to hire a content publisher for your blog?


The three most importance stages of blogging are (1) Self service is the best policy (2) Hiring content writers, editors and content publishers. (3) Setting up a corporate office for development of your blog network. Well, in the first stage, you have to do everything from researching to content writing and from hosting your blog to managing your content management system.

The more you organize your life, the more works you can handle systematically and this concept will facilitate you to build your own blogging company in future. The work of a content publisher is not just to publish a piece of content from windows liver writer to your website or blog, rather its much more complicated and requires deep understanding about SEO .

A content publisher should be a man of SEO and should have the qualities of understanding the niche of your blog as well as the details of your contents so that he may develop and post phenomenal SEO friendly titles and Meta description.


Here are few ways to get a content publisher for your website or blog.

1. Try to employer some college students for part or full time work.

2. Or you can look around for someone from your locals.

3. Otherwise if you want someone virtually, then you can throw a classified on forums, social networking sites and etc.


4. Else you can approach towards freelance sites like Elance or Freelancer.

5. Another most interesting way of finding a good content publisher is to search for some SEO or content writing firms from your country or from any other countries and hire them at low cost for the said work. Generally the SEO firms and companies are well equipped with useful resources and man power for helping you to create outstanding contents.


When you are hiring someone virtually, be attentive about the following points.


1. He should be a man of honesty and integrity otherwise he will post your article is his own hidden blogs and websites or in some other blogs.

2. He may also, after getting your contents, can reseller it at his locals.

3. He may create and publish an eBook or anything similar with your contents.

4. He may click on the ads of your blog and may make you banned.


5. He may steal you ideas and concepts and may after sometime work on his own project and may become your strongest competitor.


Thus before hiring anyone either from your locals or from the virtual world do a careful research and study your employee integrity and behavior. Do phonic discussions with him, call him for a web chat, interact with him, talk to his friends and references, and then at last judge him by the virtue of your own wisdom.

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