I am feeling proud to list out some of the most popular, or perhaps the best websites for authors, writers and students. Today, we are blessed with profound law of the internet, which makes it absolutely possible for us to search the sum total of human knowledge at our fingertip. Now, one can get any information from internet within a matter of seconds.

But today the biggest problem faced by us is the vastness of the internet. We have millions of websites and billions of WebPages across the world, but as a matter of fact, very few websites contains relevant information that serves our purpose.

The need of the day, demand a selective approach. You shouldn’t read every website that comes in the search result because not every website deserves to be read in its entirety. I myself was very much confused reading this and that websites but now after preparing this list, I am enjoying my interaction with some of the fantastic websites which were specially designed for publishing articles.

Note: [The below websites are listed randomly and doesn’t includes any kind of ranking because these are the most interactive websites especially made for authors, writers and students and thus I think, no more further ranking is needed]



Many writers think that Wikipedia is the only and best website for them. But let me tell you that, Wikipedia is the best and the biggest encyclopedia of the world that contains information on almost anything, but as a matter of fact, it doesn’t allow anyone to publish his/her own articles.


Well, you can contribute your article as per Wikipedia guidelines but if you really want to get your article published then definitely I guess, you have to look for some other websites.



If you enjoy writing on personal development and self-growth then I hope you will definitely like this site. It’s an outstanding website devoted to self-development.



Ezinearticles is a phenomenal website that allows you to submit your original articles and in return it provides a link to your website or blog for giving you more traffic, exposure, credibility. It gets over 30 million pages view per day which makes it one of the most trustworthy website, especially made for incredible writers like you. It has free and premium membership options.



Associatedcontent.com is backed by millions of authors and students around the world. It is now powered by Yahoo and offers revenue sharing systems to contributors on the basis of direct payment methods and article view method. Personally speaking, it’s a great site to share information but not to earn money.

The ugly truth is, each day thousands of authors and students spend their time, energy and money on writing articles for AC with a hope for to earn some money from it someday but 99% of the writers end up virtually with nothing.



The very first look on this website doesn’t by any stretch of imagination make us think that it is one of the most visited website of the world. But you will be astonished to discover that it is among the top 1000 websites of the world. In simple term, it a web portal for authors that includes article, news, information and allied resources for students and researchers.


Preserve Articles.com

Preserve Articles.com (PA) is based on next generation technology and aims to preserve article, information, knowledge and wisdom for eternity. It is one of the best website where authors can get their original article published instantly.


1. It project model is based on “Preserving Article for future generation”.


2. It also provides “Expert Author Certificate” to its contributors.


1. It preserves only high quality and original articles.

2. The editors of PA are very strict towards content guidelines.

3. It doesn’t allow any promotional links in the article.

Preserve Articles


Article Base is a Free Online Articles Directory made for authors, writers and bloggers. It includes plethora of free articles submitted by its users. All the information available on it is Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives. One of the best things about Article base is nothing but its user-friendly interface that makes article submission easy.



If I am not wrong bukisa.com proudly belongs to the family of ArticleBase.com. It not only allows authors to publish their article but also it offers some revenue sharing programs for contributors. Currently, I think it allows its contributors to integrate Google adsense or Chitika to their articles. It’s a wonderful concept… but one should not dream of making a living out of it.



Goarticles.com is a very fast and simple websites for anyone who wants to get his/her article published online. The only thing that attracted me towards this site is its extreme simplicity and clear guidelines.



Articlecity.com is a wonderful site for young and energetic students and currently it includes more than 150, 000 articles on different categories.


Articledashboard.com is a very simply yet one of the most powerful player of the internet. It induces more than 545,000 articles on almost every subject of the world. Anyone can submit article to it instantly without any problem.



Articlealley.com is a beautiful website to get your works published. Currently it ranks among the top 3000 most visited websites of the world. It’s a good site, nothing much to tell.



Articlesfactory.com is a very popular website for authors. It gives clear guidelines and allows anyone to publish his/her articles. But I think, the editors of this site take a bit extra time for approval.



SQUIDOO allows anyone to post article on its website. Although it’s a beautiful website for sharing information but its revenue sharing model is criticized by many users. Some claims to earn huge amount of money from SQUIDOO while the majority of the population makes nothing.

It appears to me that SQUIDOO is a great website for webmasters, bloggers and SEO technicians but not for authors. Personally, I think, authors are much more professional and have an in-depth knowledge on the subject and thus they shouldn’t run after these revenue sharing models.



Hubpages.com is also based on the same revenue sharing model. It allows its users to integrate different revenue sharing systems with their articles. Again, let me repeat that Hubpages.com is a wonderful creation for online entrepreneurs and technocrats but not for reputed researchers and authors like you. Anyhow, many authors still prefer to use it for publishing their articles.



Findarticles.com is now powered by BNET. This is the only website that contains the back date issues of more than 900 magazine, journal and other business publications.


Which is your favorite website for publishing articles?