Do you think that One World Government is only Solution to the World Problems?


Arguments for :

1. At this time so many States are at war with one another. Iran-Iraq war had been going on for almost a decade. Similarly there are so many other States which do not see eye to eye with each other. If we want to end these disputes, there must be a super autho­rity which may check these States and force them to act according to the moral principles.

2. The natural resources are not evenly distributed through­out the world. All the States 4o not have all the natural resources. If there is one world Government the distribution of essential mine­rals will become easier. The oil producing countries, some years ago, tried to hold the whole world to a ransom by raising the prices of oil. This type of thing may not happen if there is a world Government.


3. At this time, the world is on the brink of disastrous war ; highly destructive weapons are stored up by the big powers. If these weapons are used at any stage they will destroy life on the earth. In order to save the world from total destruction, it is necessary that there should be a world Government.

Arguments against :

1. It is very difficult to keep the world Government impartial. It will definitely be an elected Government and if the elections are held even after 5 years there would be a number of wars amongst the States because the States would like to capture power.

2. World Government cannot be a success till it has its own army to implement decisions. For enforcing decisions it might have to wage war against the erring nations. In this manner, instead of maintaining law and order it will be responsible for disorder in the world.


3. World Government cannot be a great success because the administration of all the countries of the world would become almost impossible till some powers are given to the leaders elected by the States. As a result of it, there will be dictatorship in order to carry on the administration properly and a dictator of the world will do greater harm to the world.

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