What were the proposals of President F.W. de Klerk on democratisation in South Africa?


For a solution to the South African problem, political talks were started under CODESA-the Convention for a Democrate South Africa between President de Klerk and the ANC Nelson Mandela. On democratisation of South Africa, the proposals of President de Klerk in phase I include the appointment of a multi-party transitioinal executive council and sub-council to be responsible for creating the climate for free political activity and election of a constitution making body.

Phase II is to deal with the appointment of an interim government on the basis of popular election consisting of one man one vote. This govt will be responsible for the formulation of a new post-apartheid Constitution. COSESA-II broke-off because the South African Govt, and the ANC couldn’t reach an agreement on the kind of majorities that should be introduced to enforce decisions in an elected constitution making body.

The ANC wanted at least 75% majority but the Govt, refused. The ANC blames the Inkatna for the massacre with active Govt, connivance. Police brutality has also been on the rise. The UN is making every effort to resume negotiations to solve the current impasse in the troubled and violence torn South Africa.

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