What are the Types of Teaching-Learning Aids?


I. Visual (Verbal) Print or Duplicated

(a) Textbook, Supplementary Book

(b) Reference books, Encyclopedia, etc.


(c) Magazine, Newspaper, etc.

(d) Documents and Clippings

(e) Duplicated Written Material

(0 Programmed Learning Material and Self-instructional Modules


(g) Case Studies (Simulating Reality) and Case Report

II. Visual (Pictorial) Non-projected Two-dimensional

(a) Blackboard Writing and Drawing

(b) Charts


(c) Posters

(d) Maps

(e) Diagrams

(f) Graphs


(g) Photographs

(h) Cartoons

(i) Comic Strips

III. Audio


(a) Human voice

(b) Gramophone records

(c) Audio tapes/discs

(d) Stereo records

(e) Radio broadcast

(f) Telephonic conversation

IV. Visual Non-projected Three-dimensional

(a) Model

(b) Mock-up

(c) Diorama

(d) Globe

(e) Relief Map

(f) Specimen

(g) Puppet

(h) Hologram

V. Visual Projected (Still)

(a) Slide

(b) Filmstrip

(c) Transparency (OHP)

(d) Microfilm, Microcard

(e) Computer

VI. Audio-visual Projected (With Motion):

(a) Motion Picture Film

(b) Television

(c) Close-circuit Television

(d) Video Cassettes/Disc

(e) Multimedia Computer

(f)Slide-Tape Presentation

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