Teaching aids play a key role in teaching-learning situations. It works as the support to both teacher and taught in the pursuit of knowledge and curriculum transaction. Teaching aids are the tools purposefully designed to overcome verbal deficiencies in communication in a classroom situation. Teaching aids are divided into different types as per their nature of function and usability.


1. Auditory Aids: – These aids produce sound and act through the ear. These are:

(i) Gramophone


(ii) Tape Recorder

(iii) Radio.

2. Visual Aids: – These aids presents pictures and matters act through the eyes. These are:-

(i) The chalk-board


(ii) The flannel-board

(iii) The bulletin-board

(iv) Projected aids, such as slides, epidiascope film-strips and motion pictures etc.

(v) Representations—charts, sketches, flash cards, posters, cartoons, pictures etc.


3. Audio-Visual aids: – These aids produce both pictorial and sounds which influence mind both through the eyes and ears. These are:-

(i) Television

(ii) Sound motion pictures

4. Activity aids: – These aids induce direct participation of students and teachers to get first hand knowledge. These are:-


(i) Tours, Excursion, field trips.

(ii) Collection of specimens, models, pictures, coins etc.

(iii) Preparation of models, charts, puppets etc.

(iv) Dramatics, Demonstration.