Get complete information on Heavy machine tools


1. The Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. started the manufacturing of machine tools in 1930s. This industry forms the basis of all engineering industries like the textile mills, sugar, paper, mining industries, etc.

2. The Heavy Machines and Hand Tools Plant at Ranchi was set up with Czech collaboration in 1966. It produces machine tools for the railways, axle turning, radial drilling and wheel lathe.

3. The Praga Tools Ltd. (Public Sector) at Secunderabad is meant for defence equipment, it produces precision tools and railway equipment.


4. The Hindustan Machine Tools (H.M.T.) (Public sector). This was the first modern machine tool factory set up in Bangalore with Swiss collaboration. It is the largest manufacturer of machine tools in the country and produces wrist watches, tractors, grinders and high precision Lathes. Other factories were set up at Hyderabad, Srinagar and Ajmer.

5. The National Instrument factory at Kolkata and Jadhavpur produces precision instruments such as those used in offices, microscopes, binoculars and blood pressure instruments.

6. The Instrumentation Ltd. has set up plants at Palghat and Kota which produce hydraulic and magnetic instruments.

Electrical Machinery


1. BHEL-Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited produces electrical motors, transformers, generators, etc. They have set up their units at Bangalore, Jammu, Hyderabad and Haridwar.

2. HCL-Hindustan Cable Limited: It manufactures mainly cables and is set up at Rupnarayanpur (West Bengal).

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