Short biography of Darya Imad Shah (A.D. 1530—A.D. 1561)


The long reign of Darya Imad Shah (A.D. 1530-A.D. 1561) was comparatively peaceful. The two major powers of Deccan, Bijapur and Ahmadnagar were constantly on war. As early as 1532, the envoys of both the countries had drawn up a plan, according to which Burhan Nizam Shah would annex Berar and Ismail Adil Shah both Bidar and Golkonda.

They had, however, to change their plans due to changed circumstances and seek the help of other rulers. Darya Imad Shah kept himself aloof for well over a decade but eventually had to take part in their conflicts.

He sided once with Bijapur and came to the rescue of Ahmadnagar thrice. He was, however, completely disgusted with his ally when his favourite minister Jahangir Khan was put to death by Husain Nizam Shah in accordance with the terms of the treaty he had concluded with the victorious Bijapur Sultan.


Soon there was another confrontation between Bijapur and Ahmadnagar. Husain Nizam Shah allied himself with Ibrahim Qutb Shah to avenge his defeat and invested Kalyani. Ali Adil Shah and Sadasivraya of Vijayanagar opposed the invaders. Meanwhile Darya Imad Shah died in 1561 and was succeeded by his infant son Burhan Imad Shah.

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