Short biography of Burhan Imad Shah (A.D. 1562—A.D. 1574)


Burhan Imad Shah’s minister Tufal Khan was a highly ambitious person. He seized the reins of the government, imprisoned the infant king and himself became king. He did not join the other Muslim states against Vijayanagar in the famous battle of Banihatti.

He could never forgive Husain Nizam Shah I for the murder of Jahangir Khan. After this battle Adil Shah and Nizam Shah invaded Berar.

Tufal was unable to give a fight and bought peace from Adil Shah by paying him a huge sum of money. Finding him alone, Nizam Shah also retired. But soon afterwards Nizam Shah and Ali Adil Shah concluded a treaty according to which the former was allowed a free hand in Karnataka while the latter would annex Bidar and Berar.


In pursuance of the treaty, both the rulers now made preparations to invade Berar. They found a plausible excuse in the removal of the infant king by the Tufal and warned of the consequences if he did not reinstate him forthwith. As Tufal failed to comply with their demand, Murtaza invaded Berar forcing Tufal to fall back.

Ellichpur was occupied and Tufal took shelter in the fort of Gawilgarh. Tufal was, however, able to avert the crisis by bribing Ali Adil Shah. Murtaza, therefore, raised the siege and was for sometime busy with the Portuguese. As soon as he was free from these engagements, he collected his forces and marched against Berar.

Unable to resist him, Tufal Khan took refuge in the fort of Mahur which, too, fell into enemy’s hands. He now sought refuge with the king of Khandesh. But he was turned out on the request of Murtaza who now laid siege to Nainala where Tufal had taken shelter. The fort was conquered. Gawilgarh, too, was subdued.

Both Tufal and his son along with other members of the Imad Shahi family were taken prisoners and strangled to death. Imad Shahi kingdom of Berar was thus annexed by Murtaza Nizam Shah (A.D. 1574).

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