What is NNRMS and what are its objective?


The National Natural Resource Management System is a unique system in which data from remote sensing are integrated with conventional sources for effectively managing the country’s resources.

Thus, the Indian remote sensing programme is intended to be a key element of India’s ambitious National Resource Management System (NNRMS).

The NNRMS undertake natural resources survey and monitors projects in collaboration with central and state agencies. The task objective of NNRMS is.


The using of remote sensing data, the establishment of infrastructure for remote sensing center, supply of equipment for data processing and analysis, organizing the information system for the remote sensing data in management of natural resources in the country. The IRS satellites are sending plenty of data.

These datas have been of great use to the forest survey and the Union Water Resources Ministry. Defence Ministry, concerned with security issues, screens all data received by NRSA. However, the three major components of NNRMS are (a) application projects (b) infrastructure and manpower development and (C) establishing a National Natural Resources Information System.

The applications project are mostly in major resource sectors such as agriculture, land use, water resources, forestry, geology, marine resources and environment. ISRO is the lead organization for a significant number of application projects.

These projects are being executed in collaboration with a large number of state and Central Government agencies. For this purpose five Regional Remote Sensing Service centers are being set up for processing remote sensed data. Such as Dehradun, Bangalore, Nagpur Kharagpur and Jodhpur etc.

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