Tribal Sub–Plan (Special Central Assistance) Implemented by SHARE in Six Tribal Villages


SHARE is an organisation which truly realizes its responsibilities towards the society by organizing various programmes and activities. and by actually working in the grass-root level.

The true ability of any person/organisation is realized only when given a proper opportunity, & SHARE, even without obtaining such opportunity, such help, such support has shown what it is aimed at and how it can succeed in its mission, its vision, and its objectives, all of which are focused at improving the living conditions and livelihood of the underserved, especially women.

SHARE is striving to empower people in remote area where services are hard to reach. They are very close to the villagers and trust relationship has been established. SHARE is approaching the issue from various ways to improve the life of the villagers fundamentally. The income generation activities such as training on cottage industries, tailoring, livestock development has been imparted to large number of tribal male and female shg members to develop their skill and capacity in the trade. The organization has generated 180319 workdays for tribal men and women under Jharkhand tribal development programme during 2007-12. Now-a days, the organization is working with GS in implementing SCA to TSP in six tribal villages targeted under the project.


The excavation of ponds under special central assistance to tribal sub-plan has been completed in six villages under potka block of east singhbhum district. The construction of community development building (with three rooms,verandah and a drying platform) in these villages has been started by the Gram Sabha Programme Executive Committee(GSPEC). This is to be noted that Gram Sabha  receives entire fund in its account and the local operating NGO do the monitoring of programme activities at grassroots level.

The excavation of new pond in six villages will provide direct benefit to 153 villagers in six villages. The target villages will help these beneficiaries to irrigate their 175.9 acre of land around these ponds. Under the project we are also providing water pump for irrigation purpose. These villages have already deposited about 15 lacs rupees in their village development fund(VDF) generated under Jharkhand tribal development programme during the last 5 yrs. The villagers, mostly tribal, are using VDF as revolving fund to enhance their income generation through pig rearing, goatery or agriculture activity.

Apart from new ponds,the villagers have started the construction of community building to start entrepreneurship by the self help groups operating in the targeted villages. The community development buildings or Udyamita Bhavan will be ready by the August end 2013. Apart from these the soil testing of 24 farmers in six villages have been done from soil testing center, Chakradharpur. Altogether 120 kgs of Arhar seeds has been distributed under ICRISAT programme in 17 tribal villages.

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