Complete Information on Ramganga Project


Ramganga is a tributary of the Ganga river. The project aims at providing irrigation facilities to about 6 lakh hectares of land in western and central Uttar Pradesh, supplying 200 cusecs of drinking water to the city of Delhi and controlling flood menace in central and western Uttar Pradesh.

Ramganga Project is a multi-purpose project of Uttar Pradesh. It involves the construction of (a) 625.8 m long and 125.6 m high earth and rock-filled dam across the Ramganga river and a 75.6 m high saddle dam across the Ghuisot stream near Kalagarh in Garhwal district, (b) a 546 m long weir across the river at Hareoli; (c) an 82 km long feeder canal taking off from the Hereoli weir; (iv) 3,880 km iong new branch canals and modelling of 3,388 km of existing canals (Lower Ganga, Agra, Upper Ganga and Ramganga Canals); and (e) a power house on the right bank of the river at the toe of the dam with an installed capacity of 198 mw. The total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 96.86 crores.

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