Madhya Pradesh state due to its rocky and stony surface is suitable for tank irrigation. But in recent years well (including tube well) and canal have gained popularity and account for 53% and 30.3% of the net irrigated area of the state. Main canal systems are:

1. Mahanadi Project Canals-The Mahanadi canals have been constructed fewer than three stages providing irrigation to about 3.4 lakh hectares of land. The scheme involves construction of barrage across the Mahanadi at Rudri across the Sandur River under Ravishankar Sagar Project, feeder canal, Pairi dam and 1,145 km long irrigation canals.

2. Wainganga Canal-it takes off from the Wainganga River (length 45 km) to irrigate about 4,000 hectares of land in Balaghat, Seoni (Madhya Pradesh) and Bhandara (Maharashtra) districts.

3. Tandula Canal-under this scheme two earthen dams have been built near the confluence of the Tandula and Sukha rivers. Canals taken out from these are providing irrigation to about 66,000 hec­tares of cropland in Raipur and Durg districts.


4. Chambal Project Canals-this scheme in­volves construction of three dams. Canals under this scheme irrigate about 5.15 lakh hectares of agricul­tural land in Gwalior, Bhind, Morena and Datia districts. The main branches of the canal are the Ambah and the Morena.

5. Barna Project Canals-The Bama project involves the construction of a barrage across the Barna river (a tributary of the Narmada) and canals which irrigate about 64,400 hectares of land in Raisen district.

6. Tawa Project Canals-Canals originating from the barrage across the Tawa River with total length of 197 km irrigate about 3 lakh hectares of area in Hoshangabad district.

7. Halali Project Canals-under this project canals have been taken out from the barrage built across the Halali River to irrigate about 73,500 hec­tares of cropped area in Vidisha district.